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Mar. 24th, 2006 @ 12:29 pm updates on life
Been really wanting to just extemporize here, but just haven't had the energy. I swear once I actually unpack that I'll do that. For now, its writing, WoW, work, and unpacking/organizing. Such excitement! ;)
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Feb. 8th, 2006 @ 01:25 pm Playing catch up...
hmmm well things have been a bit weird, big surprise. Am just very focused on trying to get the apartment/duplex stuff settled. Really wish my tax refund was more generous. Was depending on that to get a washer and dryer. In the meantime, I'll just keeping working both jobs, and playing WoW rather than spending money if at all possible.

Haven't been to a movie since Underworld, and I miss going alot. But will admit that my hostess has managed to get me interested in House, the TV show. Course I think that has alot to do with Hugh Laurie, and my fond rememberance of him in Black Adder. Scary to think of them as the same person!

Not much else going on... which might be a good thing.
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Jan. 24th, 2006 @ 01:00 pm movies... a somewhat list...
Well on the basis of a friends' journal, I tried to pull out a list of movies that I had seen this year, although in hindsight I can see that there are ones that I saw but aren't listed... Most in the theatres, some on video, and considering that this list wasn't the most accurate I won't swear that some of these weren't in 2004. I'll rate them on a scale of 1-10 IMHO :D

Brothers Grimm - 5 good effects, story not as solid as it should've been for a Gilliam movie.

Constantine - 7 yes I know they REALLY changed alot from the comic, but I still enjoyed it alot! Especially Tilda Swinton as Gabriel!

Dark Water - 4 I liked it sort of, but was terribly depressing, and I don't hesitate to believe that it was faithful to the feeling and ending of the Japanese original. Are there any happy endings?

Fantastic Four - 6 Campy, still dislike the idea of Jessica Alba as Sue Storm but she did ok. Johnny Storm stole the show for me.

Four Brothers - 7 Surprised me... we had free tickets, and while I'm not a fan of urban violence movies, I really enjoyed it and the characterizations... yes there were some!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - 9 Yes they dropped out stuff, with a book like that you kind of had too! But they left the important stuff in and I truly enjoyed the emotional stuff, the teenaged angst really sold and I ate it up!

Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy - 9 Surprised me again! Really had doubt that they'd pull it off, but they did! Yes it was Americanized a bit, and still not sure I like Zaphod with his heads like that, but I was pleased and that song was hysterical!! We ended up in a kickline in the theatre with people we didn't even know!

House of Wax - 2 - NOT into slasher movies, saw it sort of on video and mostly watched cause we were waiting for Paris Hilton to die.

King Kong - 8 - didn't expect to really enjoy it! Peter Jackson pulled it off though! Kong was the most real cgi I've seen. Although I still wonder if the concept of Kong isn't too dated for today's markets.

Kingdom of Heaven - 6 - storyline was all confusing, even if the battle scenes rocked. Still not sure Orlando has what it takes to be a leading man. One day I'll watch the extended version and then decide.

Memoirs of a Geisha - 7 - Beautiful! Wonderful cast, and decent adaptation, and amazing Williams music. Didn't quite get as caught up as I had hoped though, not sure why.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith - 7 - well, guess it shows onscreen chemistry really makes a difference. Story is cliched but works cause of Jolie and Pitt. man that kid better not be ugly.

Pride & Prejudice - 7 - One of my fav novels! Keira sold Jane pretty well, and they did a good job, but wtf did they need to Hollywoodize it?? That scened on the end was just unnecessary!!! And so inappropriate to Austen!

Robots (2005) -5 - fun lightness cgi animation. Good concept, and message. Was it anything new?

Sahara - 6 - Well it was fun, no question! The puzzles weren't as good as in National Treasure but I enjoyed it.

Serenity - 9 - Woof! This was long awaited, although I had seen two sneaks before the release. To me Joss did just what he wanted, and I was glad of it. Yes it broke my heart to see Wash die, but its a Joss thing. A very American movie though I will say, in that it touts the concept of individualism is greater than the community... (not that I'm against that by any means!) but I wonder how it will play in the Asian countries.

Sin City - 9 - Surprised me again, Probably the most perfect adaptation of a comic style that I've seen. You can really see Frank Miller all over it. The violence was a bit much, but that did fit with FM's stuff and the story.

Skeleton Key - 7 - Well I like Kate Hudson, and I love a good ghost story with twists. Granted it was a bit predictable, and they laid the hints out pretty clearly, but still loved it! Think it suffered due to its timing and location.

Sky high - 8 - fun light minded but still got a kick out of it! Can we have more with other cameos from our past superheroes?

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - 8 - Beautifully done, but yes, too earnest. I would love to see more humor (as appropriate) in the next installement... omg the gryphon was amazing.

The Island - 3 - well ok I could look at Ewan and neat candy effects. ... that's about it.

The Legend of Zorro - 4.5 - nitroglycerin from soap? ah well love Catherine and Antonio together, and the costumes... sigh.

The Pacifier - 3 - on video... cliche. Vin Diesel is now trying to follow Arnold's path into comedy.

Tim Burton's Corpse bride - 9 - loved it! Its a great gloomy goth date movie!

Also saw, Syriana which wasn't listed. Very interesting and god I hope that's not how reality is!

NEXT what I hope to see...
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Jan. 24th, 2006 @ 09:29 am Trying again
Well I'm going to try and keep this up this time... My last attempt at a different addy died from neglect. Not sure that this one won't either, but will try. Seems appropriate to do this as I've started at a new job, in a new city, so this will let make some fresh starts in other places.

Some thoughts and perspectives...

Moving is incredibly stressful! I had forgotten just how... That's what I get for living in one place for like 8 years. Okay with that in mind... Moving is stressful... Moving to a new city, and starting a new job, is triply so! I freely admit that I had really idealistic and yes probably naive perspective of how hard this would be.

Apartment hunting has turned into my worst nightmare. Something that I would normally enjoy turns into something hideous when you have to put all sorts of qualifications on what you need. Like how much and where. I have promised myself that I won't commute an hour each way again, and I REALLY want to keep that promise. Losing that hour really made my days shorter, and I truly feel that it affected how much I could accomplish in a single day.

hmmm well I think that's enough for today... Will continue a bit more on this and my 'grand' adventure in Orlando.
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